Warning - Please do not use this app while driving!

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Menu Options

Invite contacts via email or text sms.

Tap the select button to send invite text sms.

Sync Contacts - All users will appear in contact menu.

Tap on name and send connection request.

You can also choice to hide the contact from list.


Receivers Phone Screen

The receiver then decides the duration of connection from 15/30/45/60 minutes only.

Includes auto-timeout feature to ensure personal privacy.

Connection accepted.

Tap eMapMe to view your current location

Tap eMapYou to view receivers location

Zoom out to see both locations on 'live map'.

As you and your receiver move towards each other, both your locations updates.

Can easily switch to Google Route Planner View without having to enter any
co-ordinates or addresses

Power Saving Mode.

Preserve battery. Swipe screen to reactivate.

End of connection duration



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