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eMapMe Settings


Android Users

Android Phone Fix for Delayed Push Notifications.

Android makes use of push notifications so that the alerts from the services you use are forwarded to your device. Sometimes these do not arrive in a timely manner. To alleviate this problem, users can install a Free app fix from your Play Store called
Push Notification Fixer, or PNF

Download the PNF from Here

iPhone/Andriod Users -Contact Not Appearing in Contact List

If other users do not appear in the eMapMe contact list, edit your address book numbers to include international dialing code.

It is recommended not to write an international phone number starting with 0 or 00. It is much better to use the + sign.

A number in the United Kingdom might be represented as +44 7958 123456.

Promo Codes - Android

To redeem a promotional code follow the simple instructions below.

iPhone Users

iPhone Users -Change Banner to Alert

To directly open an incoming eMapMe request, it is suggested to change the eMapMe notification from the default Banner to Alert

  1. Open the Settings app from the iPhone home screen.
  2. Tap the 'Notifications' settings pane.
  3. Tap eMapMe on the list of apps.
  4. Change Banner to Alert.




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